Ok, so this is my first post!  How exciting!  My name is Lindsay and I would like to thank you for reading.  Let me start by saying that I am eager to begin expressing myself in this online outlet.  I am a bit of a closet foodie, and by that I mean I am obsessed with food and nutrition!  I can’t get enough and I realized that most people in my circles are a little, how do I put it…uninterested when I go on about a new yogurt I found, or the latest breakfast concoction that I made up.  It’s a bit of a downer.

Some history:  I quit smoking January 9, 2009 and while I was going through the symptoms of despair and withdrawal I searched ways to help alleviate those feelings and how to avoid using food as a pain relieving source.  The last thing I wanted was to gain weight while trying to do my body a favor by releasing it of it’s nicotine chains, I would be guaranteeing myself the path of an American suicide by food.  I had watched (and loved!) Super Size Me some years back and remember that he couldn’t even complete a full 30 days of the McDonald’s diet as his doctor was concerned his liver was going to shut down much like a liver of an alcoholic.  It hit a nerve with me back then, and it was something that remained in my daily thoughts each time I chowed down on some greasy french fries and a double cheeseburger.

I read one day during my online slumming that when you had the urge to eat while going through nicotine withdraw, drink a glass of orange juice instead.  Hmmm, I though interesting.  I read on and learned that the insulin being released in your body was out of whack because the nicotine was used to blocking some of the signals being sent to your brain telling your body when you should eat to regulate your blood sugar and when you were OK.  That started it…food does stuff!  I began my quest that day to simply not gain weight while quitting.  I succeeded, and managed to lose 30 extra pounds I had hanging around in the process.

Now that I am a new person, smoke free over 12 months now and strive every day to maintain a healthy eating and healthy living lifestyle with myself and my family.  More on them later!