Whew!  The last couple of days have flown by, and I can see this may consume quite a bit of my time.  That’s OK though, it is an outlet that I feel I will really get into.  I find myself getting into a routine of eating the same things all the time, so I love reading about other people’s ideas and recipes for new foods!  Let me explain:  For breakfast both Monday and Tuesday I had eggs, the same way…scrambled but I love eggs and the protein they provide to get my day started.  It’s like Mighty Mouse at 5:30 in the early A.M.  Yes 5:30…

This is a 1/4 cup Egg Beaters with some Chunky Salsa, and Frank’s Red Hot mixed together betwixt a toasted Thomas Light English Muffin.  Hot and Spicy!  I also made sure to include some fruit so I added a handful of blueberries.

Have I mentioned blueberries rock?  They are truly one of nature’s brain foods!  I always drink coffee in the morning with my breakfast, but I am starting to experiment some in the world of tea.  I’ll let you know how that pans out.  I’ve never been much of a tea drinker but with all the anti-oxidants and other little antidotes it provides I am trying to figure out what I like.

I had a Dannon yogurt mid morning today, but yesterday it was a DanActive Immunity smoothie drink.  Not like drinking  real honest to goodness smoothie, but it kept me satisfied until lunch.

For lunch on Monday it was a quick and easy smoked turkey and cheese salad with a mandarin orange and carrot on the side.  Prepared the night before and mixed together when it was time to eat.

Today I whipped up a tuna salad wrap which also included one of my favorite foods, the red bell pepper.  You get like twice the vitamin c in a red bell pepper than you do an orange, amazing!

Don’t you love the color the pepper brings to this meal!  Makes tuna seem a little more interesting doesn’t it?

But you can see from these two lunches that they sorta consist of the same thing, just thrown together with one or two different ingredients to make them different.  I can’t complain too much because of the nutrients that these veggies pack, and the omega-3 that the tuna provides, they are good for you.  I’ll just eat them the same way next week if I don’t get creative though.  I am actually perfectly happy eating the same things everyday for a pretty long stretch.  Once I find something that works for me I stick to it.  It takes a minute for me to get complacent with something.  I’ll try to keep it interesting though.

My afternoon snacks range from fruits, veggies like celery and carrots, crackers, the like.

Yes, that is Fiber One cereal in a baggie.  Only 60 calories for 1/2 a cup.  Can’t beat that!

Dinner on Monday was good.  So good in fact I plowed through the fish before I realized I didn’t take a picture to share with the online world.  I know you will be disappointed that you missed an opportunity to view a photo masterpiece… Tonight though B and I made a version of chicken fried rice that consisted of steamed brown rice, peas and carrots, (family friendly veggies, I would have gone for some bean sprouts, onions, etc but well I do live with 3 picky eaters) chicken breast and scrambled egg.  Thrown together and seasoned with fried rice seasoning.  It was excellent!!  A real crowd pleaser, and everyone cleaned their bowl!

Last night I finished the day with something simple and sweet.  A Jell-O pudding snack.  Fat free, sugar-free, and banana fudge flavored goodness.  I mixed it with some strawberries for some flair and viola!  A low-calorie evening snack that was pretty darn good!

Well it’s off to get ready for bed for this gal!  My waking up with the chickens is an everyday affair and I wish I could say it was so I could work out, go for a run, something.  It’s just I need the time to get myself and 2 little girls ready for work, school, and Grandma’s.

Any suggestions on what to do to make my everyday meals go from drab to fab leave a comment!