I killed one today.  *Sigh!  It was SO SAD!  There I was driving along and all of a sudden a pack of wild sparrows darted out in front of me, and the little one taking up the rear was just a smidgen too slow and well, it met my front bumper!  I saw him in my mirror hit the pavement.  I hope he was just shaken up, but I doubt it.  Poor little birdie.

Ok, so I had to get that off my chest.  Not to mention I have come down with some kind of cold.  Accompanied by sore neck and back, sinus and head stuffiness.  Bah!  I didn’t feel like a normal breakfast this morning, and I hardly ever eat cereal, but it sounded like the right thing to have today.  I had a bowl of Fiber One with blueberries.  Along with my morning cup of coffee which made my throat feel better.

See my Happy Easter mug. 😉

I snacked on a clementine for the extra vitamin C mid morning and for lunch I had left over brown rice from last night and a 1/2 cup of edammame.

My afternoon snack was a CranBran Vitatop that I got a little a head of myself with and well, I left you with this:

So good, and only 100 calories!  I topped my afternoon off with an apple later on.  Dinner had to be fast since  it was a late evening for us as my oldest has karate class Monday’s and Wednesday’s.  So when we got home we made Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Franks.  We grilled them on our little hot dog roller we have and made a can of Wolf Brand Turkey Chili.  I dressed my dogs with Nature’s Own Light Wheat Bread at 80 cals, and cut up some celery and tomato to resemble a Chicago dog.  It was delish, and on the fly!

While typing this post I enjoyed my evening dessert.  Tonight I made a bowl of Dreyer’s Fat Free Yogurt Blends, and added a few peaches and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Yum!

Well good night to all!  I am off to take some medicine and hopefully sleep this cold away.  Today is my Mom’s birthday so we are taking her out tomorrow for dinner and mexican food is on the menu!  Can’t wait, and I must be well!!