So after I ate lunch today, I had an errand to run that took me to Target where I quickly picked up a couple of items:

I was very excited to try my new little treats so I whipped up a 1/2 container of 0% Vanilla Chobani Yogurt and 1/2 a kiwi.  I also mixed in some of my Yogi Blueberry Flax for crunch. 

Let me just say I was impressed.  Now, by itself I’m not sure it would have appealed to me as the taste was not like anything I’ve had before, but the more I ate it it grew on me.  The kiwi added sweet, and the flax added crunch.  It was a great combination!  I will be sure to try different flavors though.  Any suggestions??

The ZBar I’ve just heard so much about and will eat on my way to my daughter’s karate class tonight.  we are preparing for a tournament this April so she is fitting in extra classes.

Off to finish my day!