It’s Saturday!  Hooray!  I woke up at 7am wanting to make something that would jump-start my day.  You see I have lost my voice from this crud that won’t leave me alone and my throat had a rough scratchy night.  I needed a pick me up.  Bring on the choco-crunchy oatmeal mix!

Oats mixed with a few chocolate chips…

Mixed with 1/2 cup Peanut Butter Panda Puffs, and 1/4 cup Fiber One Cereal…

Made this crunchy, chocolaty, peanut-buttery, bowl of goodness!  Together only about 230 calories!  Oh yeah!

Good Grief Charlie Brown!  That’s good coffee!

It kept me full all morning, but I am so used to snacking at regular intervals I didn’t want to over do it at lunch later s o I went ahead and had the rest of my Vanilla Chobani and kiwi at 10:30 this morning.

I have so enjoyed my first ever Chobani experience that you will see these guys pretty often now.  I stocked up today with an awesome coupon I printed at Chobani.

For lunch, I was left scratching my head.  Nothing sounded good and we were running low on staples since we had not made it to the store yet.  I ended up with a masterpiece!  Enter veggie patty-smoked turkey salad!

Bell pepper, mushrooms, Kraft Fat Free Shredded Cheddar, and romaine mixed with veggie patty and 2 oz heated up smoked deli sliced turkey.  I drizzled on some of Emril’s Dijon and OMG!  I was in heaven!

22 grams protein, 2 grams fat, and only 185 calories!  I’ll repeat for sure!

The rest of the day flew by, we shopped and of course that works up an appetite especially with 2 kids in tow.  I got home and started my munches:

1/2 a 100 cal bag of cocoa almonds.  A Blueberry Z Bar, and 2 cups 94% fat-free popcorn.  Throughout the day of course.  Not too bad of choices, but still more than my normal day.  I’ll use Saturday as an excuse again.

Our oldest daughter spent the night with Grandma tonight so me, B, and the baby girl went for some frozen yogurt as a treat.  We stopped by the Yogurt Patch and I got the fat-free Blueberry Muffin flavor (blueberry and vanilla mixed together), with a spoon of gummy drops and Health bar sprinkled on top.  Soooo good!  Kinda cake-y like.

We ate this BEFORE dinner mind you.  So since man can not live on FF frozen yogurt alone, B cooked when we got home.  But I’m glad he did!  He made a quick turkey sausage gumbo.

I added shrimp to mine since he eats nothing from the sea!

Wow!  It was good.  Very simple ingredients of Hillshire Farms Turkey Sausage, Light Red Kidney Beans, Instant Minute Brown Rice,  creole seasoning, and s&p.  About 400 calories total.  Low fat and like 30 g protein!  We invited Frank too:

Glad he could make it.  😉

Ok, so off to enjoy a quiet-ter night as we are down one kid tonight.  Later foodies!