One week ago today I started my blog!  Hooray!

OK –  now on to the food.  Since it is Sunday B’s dad brought donuts for the girls and us.  Even though donuts are not really my thing he will bring a stuffed egg,  sausage,  and jalapeno biscuit for me.  A little greasy, but very, very good!  I do love me some jalapenos!

I can’t even begin to tell you the calories in this bad boy.

A few hours later I had two clementines:

Lunch was a sandwich with cucumber slices, lettuce, dijon mustard.  Some peppered turkey and reduced fat colby jack cheese.  I paired it with some baked pita chips and sea salt and made some dijon-y salsa dip.

I love these baked pita chips from Archer Farms!  Good stats too!

About 3 pm I fixed a snack which was just half a Thomas Light English Muffin toasted and  spread with a little Better N’ Peanut Butter with a side of grapes.

Good stuff.  I made a bean salad today for lunch this week, and now we are trying to decide what’s for dinner tonight.  Sounds like left overs!