For lunch today my boss and I found ourselves at Chili’s.  I had brought my left over dinner from last night, my MIA carrot from yesterday, and an apple…but oh well I guess.  I WILL eat my poor carrot tonight though after all this fuss about a carrot! 

Chili’s changed their menu by the way.  I ordered the chicken and green chile soup with a house salad.  I loved this soup!  It had avocado, rice, chicken, and a nice green chile flavor.  I did add some Tabasco though to turn up the heat a little.

Salad was satisfying.  Always like a good salad…sans croutons though.

My mid afternoon snack was my normal cup of yogurt with a sliced kiwi.  Nothing too exciting but very good.

I have a long week in store since I have not only worked all of this week, I will also work through the weekend and into next week until Thursday when I leave early to start my weekend then.  I’ll be able to enjoy a 3 1/2 day weekend at least.  I have to work the first weekend of every month here so that means I work it straight through. 

I need meal ideas for my long stretch, so any suggestions would be great!

 Happy Thursday!