So today, I finally ate my dang carrot I’ve been missing all week.  Well another one like it actually hubby dipped the orignal MIA carrot in peanut butter last night.

For lunch today I had a veggie patty burger with mustard on an Orowheat Sandwich Thin and red bell pepper.  My carrot on the side with a cutie clementine.

Like little slices of sunshine.

My afternoon snack consisted of vanilla Chobani and the rest of my Fiber One caramel delight squares mixed in.

I want to try something fab for dinner one of these nights.  I’ve been reading about dishes like, squash and eggplant lasagna that have got my taste buds singing!  I am still looking at what sounds good, but I will have a creative meal soon!

What creative dishes have been prepared in your kitchen that are noteworthy?  Let me know!