Breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal, but I would have like some fresh fruit.  Cantelope sounded sooo good. 

 It will be on my list I think.  We are running very low in the grocery department so we’ll have to go shopping this weekend.  (Yipee!  I love to go grocery shopping!)  Well I say that but then taking the kids with us will…I repeat, WILL drive you batty!  Then it becomes a challenge to leave the store with your head attached.  I do it because since B and I both work full-time the weekend shopping trips are in a sense one of our outings.  Call me crazy.  We survive though.  It’s a shopping trip of love, that you need a nap afterwards!

So breakfast:

Oatmeal, EnviroKids Panda Puffs, Yogi Blueberry Mountain Flax Crisp, YUM!

Lunch today…at work…was again scraping the bottom of the barrel.  I wanted something with more substance, but this still was a good lunch, and easy for the office.

I had a cup of Campbell’s Select Harvest Savory Chicken and brown rice soup.  Also a veggie patty with sliced red bell pepper.  I finished it off with some Special K Tomato and Herb crackers. 

The soup was good, and it had big pieces!  I was impressed!

I was still craving fruit though!  I’m in need of a fruit fix I think.  I did snack on a dark chocolate Dove square.  Ooh La La!


My wrapper said “Dare to Dream and go for it.”

Hmmm, deep thoughts…

So now I’m off to make a list for the grocery store.  Gotta pre-plan those meals for the week, and figure it all out!  See you for dinner!