Good morning on this beautiful day!  The sun is shining and the sky is blue!!

This morning B woke up very sick.  Bleh!  Poor B I hope he feels better.  I also hope it does not get passed around to the rest of the household.  The power of positive thinking will have to work in this case.  And a heavy dose of Lysol!

Last night hubby made his turkey smoked sausage, bean , and brown rice dinner.  He dressed mine up sooo pretty.  he said he did it so make it look good on the blog.  How sweet! 

  Dessert was a big bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt with crushed graham cracker and diced mango. 

Let me just say it was freakin’ awesome! 

Breakfast this A.M. was eggs and Fiber One.  Something you’ve all seen before but it’s a staple what can I say?

I have been munching on some Kashi Heart to Heart also since it’s been a bout 3 hours since breakfast. 

Gotta go for now and enjoy this glorious day.  This weather has got my energy up and I am really looking forward to my gym time this afternoon! 

Later peoples!