I hope all of your Friday’s are going well!  Mine is almost over so it is just fine. 

I worked out for 10 minutes on the elliptical and after a 2 minutes cool down I started on some weight training.  I did 10 reps of 10 2 times on a couple of machines I do not know the name of.  It left me with shaky arms, so hey I guess it worked huh?

Lunch followed with a Morningstar Farms veggie burger.  I used whole wheat sandwich thins and dressed with mustard and the typical veggies…with a bowl full of veggies on the side!

My afternoon snack was a Yoplait plain greek yogurt full of raisins and Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal.


Only a couple more hours to go till the weekend!  B has to help his Mom move tomorrow, but we are getting some of her furniture that she is not taking with her to the new place.  It’s a dresser, night stand, and TV stand for our room and a dresser and 2 night stands for one of the girls.  I have got to tackle getting their rooms cleaned up to make room!  Ugh, toys!!

Off to finish up my day!!