Top ‘o the mornin to ya!

Happy st. Patrick’s Day!

And look what greeted me on my way to work this morning!  Beautiful!

This morning I decided on some sweet and savory oats for breakfast.

I mixed 1/3 cup oats


2 egg whites

1 T apple butter

spoonful of peanut butter

The apple butter made it super sweet, but the egg whites packed a great protein punch that kept me full for like 4 hours!

I worked out a little this morning, 15 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Nothing too strenuous.  I am just happy to be getting back into a fitness routine no matter how little time I have.  I am not “training” or trying to lose any weight.  I just want a healthy happy self!  If my arms and legs decide to tone up in the process then all the better!!

Lunch yesterday was a simple turkey wrap and veggies on the side.

I was starving soon after though.  I think the HIIT I did yesterday morning really jump started my metabolisim…as it should.  I also had a huge yogurt mess I failed to photograph as I was only thinking of devouring it ASAP!  It looked something like this though:

Cereal and raisins with yogurt…my fave!  I could eat it all day long and never tire of it!

I also munched on crackers, and half an orange my boss shared with me.  I wish I had brought more to eat cause really I was hangry!

Dinner was chicken fajita pitas with crinkle cut sweet potato fries! 

Grilled chicken stuffed in a pita pocket with baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms and red pepper, and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese!  It hit the spot.  B and I weren’t sure what to sauce it with so I went with spicy mustard and he went with blue cheese dressing. 

I also ate baby girls half a pita and she did not finish…HUNGRY!


Toasted, peanut buttery, chocolate sprinkled crumpet…

With strawberry frozen yogurt melting on top!!!


The crumpet was a little chewy so it was kinda difficult to cut up, but the chewy-ness almost made it even better I think.

I hope everyone has a fun St. Patty’s Day.  No green beer for me, but for those who do partake, be safe!