I really have no time to chat, but I felt I’ve been neglecting my blog here recently.  I’ve got sick kiddos to keep me occupied!  So sad for sick babies!!  😦

I am feeling fine and before my oldest was bitten by the bug this morning I managed to get in about 30 minutes of treadmill action to start my morning.

Not before I devoured one of these 3 hours earlier though:

A lovely bowl of pumpkin oatmeal!!

1/4 cup oats


1/4 cup pumpkin

LOTS of cinnamon

Almonds to mix in

It was AWESOME.  (My first bowl of pumpkin oats…can you tell?)

After my workout I scarfed a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese.

Yeah, there is no photogenic way to capture  cottage cheese in a Tupperware bowl on your desktop.

I may have also had some Savory Honey Mustard Pretzels by Archer Farms on my way to pick up Big girl today.  🙂

Lunch was left behind at work, but I re-created it at home!

1/2 cup egg beaters

2 egg whites

spinach and red pepper

La Tortilla Whole Wheat Tortilla

LC spread

I paired the egg burrito monster with a salad.

OMG!  I LOVE this so much!!  I can eat this pretty much all the time.  I also had it yesterday for lunch I’m afraid so I’ll spare you the double take and post just the one pic.

Here is a rundown of random picks of food from recent.

Yogurt mess with blueberry pancake, and Kashi Heart to Heart:

97% Fat free Hebrew National on wheat.  Mustard, hot sauce, pickles, and cheese.  I toasted a pita pocket and make pita chips on the side.

Another yogurt mess, this time with Fiber One Honey Clusters, and raisins.  Probably my most favorite combinations of all time!

Left over chicken pita pocket and a side salad for lunch the other day.

This was pretty gross actually.  A Strawberry flavored greek Yoplait and Yogi Blueberry Crisps mixed in.  Sounded good at the time, but this combination just DID NOT WORK this time.  I fought through the taste of barf unpalatable taste, and finished it anyways.  I love yogurt just too much to be wasteful!

Enjoy the yummys…gotta run!