What to blog, what to blog?  I have no news for you.  I have been eagerly going on about my days without incident and awaiting this gorgeous day today specifically for the importance of it being FRIDAY!  Whoo-Hoo!  But Wait!  **Record player screeching to a stop**  I am only off this Saturday and I will have to put in my 4 hours this Sunday here at work.  It’s OK though.  It’s actually for a good cause.  I am working THIS Sunday the 28th so that I will NOT have to work next Sunday the 4th.  That’s right, it’s Easter Sunday I speak of, and yes we are open.  Apartment hunting anyone?  Stop by!  (Insert sarcastic laugh here.)  But I will not be there.  OK, enough, enough.  Big thanks to my co-worker for switching Sunday’s with me so that the Easter Bunny doesn’t have to cut the day short next weekend. 

Moving on to yesterday.  A quick recap of my eats include:

Oatmeal, sugar-free strawberry preserves, milled flaxseed.

A chicken salad with salsa as dressing.

Cinnamon raisin bread.  It smells so good!!

Dinner was baked carribian spiced chicken breast, couscous, and corn.  Pineapple and pear on the side.

Dessert was a 1/2 a vanilla flavored Yoplait greek, 1/2 a slice crumbled cinnamon raisin bread, and some Fiber One Caramel Delight cereal.  There are a few chocolate chips in there too!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs and spinach with salsa and coffee.

Lunch this afternoon was a pastrami/turkey wrap with spinach and mustard.

I also micro-steamed some broccoli and had a side of black olives and grapes.

I was rather snacky today so what went UN pictured were some baby carrots, another slice of cinnamon raisin bread, some plain Fiber One cereal straight from a baggie, and a few jelly beans on my drive home.

Does anyone else have a snack stash in their car?  Maybe cause I am so ready to eat dinner by the time I leave work at 6 pm I need something to munch on during my trip home!  Sometimes it’s some almonds, sometimes it’s an apple if I’m not going straight home, and sometimes it’s just a craving for something so good it’s bad like chocolate or like today it was jelly beans.  Snack driving!

I just finished watching tonight’s Jamie Oliver Food Revolution!  What an eye opener.  I mean I think we all know how bad our country has gotten when considering the fast food mega giants, and the rising rate of diabetes and obesity.  But when you consider the children and the school lunch program it’s a whole other arena!  So much red tape and politics. 

As a mom to a school age daughter who bounces back and forth between bringing her lunch to eating from the cafeteria I have to think about this.  The food being served today, although similar to what we ate as kids in school, it has taken on new dimensions.  More fillers and steroid pumped animals are being served now than before.  I could be dead wrong, but it only makes sence due to a ton of budget cutting from school districts and food service is more than likely being brought to us from the lowest bidder. 

We were more active too don’t you think?  P.E. wasn’t being cut from school budgets then and recess was actually get outside and play, and play hard!  The school lunches that were served to us were probably no more nutritious than what is being served to the children today, but I go out on a limb here to say they were MUCH less processed and more “home cooked” to a small degree.  Nonetheless, I give my daughter the choice to eat from home and take her lunch to school or eat from the cafeteria lunch menu.  It’s all about good choices, but not stripping them from their kid card and allowing them to have fun at the same time.  I want to see both of my daughter’s growing up to be healthy and happy.  Something that is easily achieved through education and setting the stage for a healthy lifestyle.

I am looking forward to next weeks episode of Food Revolution!

I hope every one is looking forward to a glorious weekend right about now though!  My plans include an early morning Easter egg hunt at the park and then lunch at my Dad’s house with the family!  Later!