Quick post!

I didn’t really take pictures of anything I ate yesterday.  Don’t worry you didn;t miss anything but eggs, and pasta.

I am getting my hair cut this afternoon!  Finally!  I am in need of a trim badly!  But before I thought I’d share this mornings good eats.

Breakfast was a hard boiled egg, fresh pineapple, and a slice of toast with sugar free raspberry preserves!

I was hungry again in just a couple of hours though.  No, let me re-phrase that…starving!  I got to work, and worked out for a short 20 minutes and couldn’t wait to dig into my cottage cheese and kiwi I had brought with me. 

My stomach is still screaming for more food!  So I will gladly listen and am about to grub on a huge salad I made.  Then I’m off!

Happy Monday…I guess.