My weight has always fluctuated.  I’ve never been the “small girl” but I’ve never considered myself overweight either.  I would always agree though that I had some extra baggage lying around that I could stand to lose.  Did I do anything about it?  Nope!  Like most people I did not and well it stuck around.

At my sister’s wedding July 2006:

I'm in the red dress, on the right.

This is me Christmas 2006.  I was about 156 and mommy to just my oldest daughter at the time.

December 2006

Fast forward 10 months and I am about to pop with my 2nd daughter.  My doctor said I did well this time only gaining 40 lbs compared to the 60 I gained with my first.

August/September 2007

Then in August of 2008 on my birthday, one year later:

August 2008

It wasn’t until January 2009 when I made up my mind to change my life and not only did I quit smoking, I learned how to eat better in the process.  Now I’ll admit I am not a excercise fanatic.  I started off on the right foot and took up kickboxing, and running, etc.  But a full-time working mom will be my excuse and after 6 months it dwindled into oblivion.  I must do better though, I know.

Here I am now.  I am about 48 lbs lighter today, and I feel wonderful!

December 2009

August 2009

I plan on living the rest of my life this way.. By no means do I consider this a diet.  It is a lifestyle makeover that I am very proud of!  I am happier, and healthier for my husband and children, and most importantly – myself.