Good evening happy people!  Assuming you’re happy that is.  We just put the kids to bed and The Biggest Loser is on in the background.  Do you hear that??  Neither do I.  Ahh, silence.

I am sure most everyone goes through a period of feeling stuck in a rut routine that gets really frustrating sometimes.  Not a rut in family life.  I don’t mean anything negative really by saying that-it’s just a lack of time to collect my thoughts and feel…sane, and at ease with my home and self.  My struggle is the lack of time to get everything I feel like I want to, or feel like I NEED to get done, done.  It is extremely frustrating to leave the house at 7:30 in the morning not to return until nearly 7:00 pm.  During that 12 hour stretch I was able to see my family for approximately 1 hour in the AM before school/work.  I was able to work out for exactly 15 minutes (WTH!) because after driving an hour to work, that’s all the time I had left.  I leave work at 6pm only if I am actually able to get out the door on time, and drive 45 minutes to get home.  We eat dinner, and get the kids bathed and in bed.  Now it’s about 8 pm, and I am exhausted! 

I know I will look back on these times and wish I could have them back, with my babies being babies and all…but dang!  For anyone out there who juggles a family, and career, and the evil bills that make it necessary to have the toilets flush and DVD player turn on, then I feel you.  It brings you the most joy you’ll ever be capable of feeling, as well as the highest stress levels one is capable of having.

I am reminded of a simple saying my Dad has used from time to time:  “This too shall pass.”  All too quickly I’m sure.

On to my FOOD!!

Let me recap Monday and Tuesday for ya!



1/4 cup egg beaters, and 2 egg whites mixed with spinach.  Also a bowl of Fiber One cereal.


Today was just a simple bowl of Fiber One and strawberries.



1/4 up low-fat cottage cheese and half a pear.


A banana.  🙂 Sorry no picture.  I ate it too fast.



Monday’s lunch was a big ‘ol salad.  In the bowl was spinach, sliced mushrooms, banana peppers, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, a can of Swanson chicken Breast, snow peas, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese.

I licked the bowl.  It was good, real good.


Veggie snacks, Morningstar Farms Veggie Patty, mustard, an apple.



Yogurt Mess with the other half of my pear from the morning, and some raisins.

Half a Banana Bread Larabar that I got for a steal at Marshall’s.  I LOVE to hunt their food goodies for stuff like this there!


Yogurt mess with a kiwi, and raisins.  Redundant much?  I think so, but it’s OK.



Tacos!  La Tortilla tortillas, Jenny-O taco seasoned turkey meat, veggies, and fat-free refried beans.  Yum! 


Tonight hubby was feeling creative.  He wanted to make a turkey smoked sausage dish but instead of the normal pan fried method he uses, he baked it in the oven with stewed tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, black beans, baby carrots, black olives, and red bell pepper.  He also went as far as to make a “topping” out of crushed Fiber One cereal to go over the mixture.

He likes to plate…very sweet!

It was delicious!!  The kids liked it too, so it was a hit across the board! 

I have the best husband ever!  Which gives me even more reason to want to get home as quickly as possible after my glorious days spent punching the clock.

I am off now to watch the rest of The Biggest Loser and make something yummy to nosh on. 


This morning the ground was covered with a thin layer of snow.  Let’s just say I am not a fan.  This winter has been harsh and I am ready for it to be over.  How come I feel like I’ve said that before? 

B’s dad did not come over this morning due to the snow.  So that meant no donuts!  My girls were crushed.  To help make them feel better, I made them waffles and sugar-free strawberry preserves.  They forgot all about donuts soon enough. 

I however made myself something a little more… me!  An egg sandwich with a 1/4 cup egg beaters, 2 egg whites, and spinach.  I also added a couple slices turkey to the sammie. 

Mmm..runny hot sauce!

I love eggs!!  You probably haven’t noticed that though!  That held me all the way through to lunch.  For this meal I wasn’t really feeling anything in particular today.  I am trying to use up our near gone food so we can avoid having to throw anything out.  Does anyone else’s household eat something to the very end and then just let the last of whatever it is sit?  The last few grapes, the last pieces of lunch meat, for example.  I think it is because we buy new, and then you want to try the new product over last week’s old news. 

I quickly threw together a turkey/roast beef wrap.  The insides were sliced peppered roast beef and Cajun seasoned turkey breast topped with baby spinach and Dijon mustard wrapped up in a La Tortilla tortilla.  On the side were some Stacy’s naked pita chips.

Yummers!!  Fridge scraps can make the best meals sometimes. 

This afternoon was an un-pictured crumpet (the last one) spread with sugar-free strawberry preserves and Better N Peanut Butter.  I also made one of those frozen in a bag Yoplait smoothies.

It was just Ok.  Nothing special.  When I finished blending it and picked up the pitcher, the bottom of my blender came off and thankfully the smoothie was pretty thick or else I would have had a much larger mess on my hands than what I did.  Oh fun times!  Both DD’s and their friend from next door each had a smoothie too.  They thought it was ice cream! 

I really wanted a yogurt mess but I can easily spend WAY too much on just yogurt.  I am trying to watch my consumption of expensive Greek yogurt.  Even when it’s the cheap-er versions it’s still expensive. 

Dinner was something usual, but delicious.  Wacky pasta!!!  One of B and my faves.  Turkey italian sausage and veggie noodles.

Looks good doesn’t it??  MmHmm, it was! 

So it’s Monday tomorrow, but I am looking forward to working out in the AM.  I’ve missed it this weekend, and it’s just been too dang cold to go outside and do anything unfortunately. 

I think I will make a huge yogurt concoction tonight, or a little one, but either way…it’s on with the dairy goodness filled with random stuff!!

Good night!

Hello fellow bloggies!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

I woke up yesterday craving another bowl of the pumpkin oatmeal I had on Friday!  Also the fact that if I don’t eat that can of pumpkin, I’ll have to throw it out, and well that’s just not right.

This time though I used Hodgen Mills Multi Grain Hot Cereal with Flaxseed and Soy.

1/3 cup hot cereal


2 spoons pumpkin



It was a creamier consistancy than the oatmeal, but still exactly what I wanted. 

Yesterday was the first day of spring, and it decided to drop from the 70 degree weather we were enjoying in the 30’s!  The first day of Spring also brought a mild snow storm into town.  I live in Ft. Worth Texas people!!!  This just isn’t right I tell you! 

A couple of hours later, I was feeling snacky so I chowed down on a bowl of low-fat cottage cheese and sliced apples.

The girls are feeling better, and so Saturday B and I decided to get out of the house for a little bit.  We went on a movie date together!!  We went and saw Avatar!  I feel like we were like the last people on Earth to have NOT seen the movie yet!  It was nice just the two of us doing something without the kids.  Definatly needed every now and then. 

After the movie we were starving!  It’s about a 3 hour long movie and I hadn’t eaten since 10 that morning.  We used to go to this Philly steak sandwich place all the time for lunch a few years ago, but since we don’t work around the corner from it anymore we never seem to get over there.  It’s a great little mom and pop shop with GREAT food!  We decided to hit it up yesterday.  Now I used to order a Philly steak sub, no veggies, just pickles and mayo on the bun and then get a packet of mayo to add extra and possibly dip my french fries in it too,  Yeah, I know!  But I decided to skip that route (even though it is delish) and order a Greek Salad.  I realize it probably wasn’t authentic by any means since they specialize in Philly steak subs, but nonetheless it was sooo, sooo good!

I was in love!  It was heaven on a paper plate!  The salad did have a boat load of feta cheese on it, so I had to leave some of it behind out of sheer lack of green to pair it with, and the pita bread was warm and melted in your mouth!!  I will have to duplicate this at home!

We ate lunch kind of late in the day so dinner was just a pice of salmon for me and a side salad at home.  I bought these wild caught salmon fillets in a bulk bag at the grocery store.  I broiled it for about 10 minutes at 500 degrees in the oven after seasoning with a little bit of lemon juice and Cajun spices. 

It was so flaky, it fell apart as I was putting it on my plate, so sorry about the beat up looking pice of fish, and the blurry picture.

After dinner was a yogurt mess!

Yoplait Greek Plain

Kashi Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Oats

Voortman’s Omega 3 Dark Chocolate Chip Flaxseed cookie crumbled in


spoonful of Better N’ Peanut Butter

The other night B had surprised me with a new flavor of yogurt!  He knows how much I love it, and he is the most thoughtful-est person ever!

Genesis Today Gogi Strawberry and Pomegranate Resveratrol.  I tried the Gogi Strawberry first.

It packs pretty good stats: non fat, 12 g of protein, sugar is a little high at 19g, but it’s flavored.  It also boasts a TON of vitamins and minerals, and of course probiotics.

I added a few extras like chocolate chips, raisins, and a handful of cereal for crunch and it looked like there was real fruit on the bottom, it was creamy, but the taste was very, strange.

All the vitamins it had in was in my opinion a little overwhelming as far as taste.  It was like eating a hundred vitamins crushed up with a little bit of gogi flavoring.  It was peculiar.  Needless to say, I couldn’t finish it!!  (*Gasp!)  I just couldn’t do it!  Oh well, I will try the other flavor and see how that one is, but I do not have high hopes.  I will just stick to my plain Greek flavors I enjoy so much!

Well I have got to get cleaning on this house of ours!  I have laundry coming out of every corner and a floor that is in of a scrubbing. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

I really have no time to chat, but I felt I’ve been neglecting my blog here recently.  I’ve got sick kiddos to keep me occupied!  So sad for sick babies!!  😦

I am feeling fine and before my oldest was bitten by the bug this morning I managed to get in about 30 minutes of treadmill action to start my morning.

Not before I devoured one of these 3 hours earlier though:

A lovely bowl of pumpkin oatmeal!!

1/4 cup oats


1/4 cup pumpkin

LOTS of cinnamon

Almonds to mix in

It was AWESOME.  (My first bowl of pumpkin oats…can you tell?)

After my workout I scarfed a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese.

Yeah, there is no photogenic way to capture  cottage cheese in a Tupperware bowl on your desktop.

I may have also had some Savory Honey Mustard Pretzels by Archer Farms on my way to pick up Big girl today.  🙂

Lunch was left behind at work, but I re-created it at home!

1/2 cup egg beaters

2 egg whites

spinach and red pepper

La Tortilla Whole Wheat Tortilla

LC spread

I paired the egg burrito monster with a salad.

OMG!  I LOVE this so much!!  I can eat this pretty much all the time.  I also had it yesterday for lunch I’m afraid so I’ll spare you the double take and post just the one pic.

Here is a rundown of random picks of food from recent.

Yogurt mess with blueberry pancake, and Kashi Heart to Heart:

97% Fat free Hebrew National on wheat.  Mustard, hot sauce, pickles, and cheese.  I toasted a pita pocket and make pita chips on the side.

Another yogurt mess, this time with Fiber One Honey Clusters, and raisins.  Probably my most favorite combinations of all time!

Left over chicken pita pocket and a side salad for lunch the other day.

This was pretty gross actually.  A Strawberry flavored greek Yoplait and Yogi Blueberry Crisps mixed in.  Sounded good at the time, but this combination just DID NOT WORK this time.  I fought through the taste of barf unpalatable taste, and finished it anyways.  I love yogurt just too much to be wasteful!

Enjoy the yummys…gotta run!

Top ‘o the mornin to ya!

Happy st. Patrick’s Day!

And look what greeted me on my way to work this morning!  Beautiful!

This morning I decided on some sweet and savory oats for breakfast.

I mixed 1/3 cup oats


2 egg whites

1 T apple butter

spoonful of peanut butter

The apple butter made it super sweet, but the egg whites packed a great protein punch that kept me full for like 4 hours!

I worked out a little this morning, 15 minutes on the elliptical and 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Nothing too strenuous.  I am just happy to be getting back into a fitness routine no matter how little time I have.  I am not “training” or trying to lose any weight.  I just want a healthy happy self!  If my arms and legs decide to tone up in the process then all the better!!

Lunch yesterday was a simple turkey wrap and veggies on the side.

I was starving soon after though.  I think the HIIT I did yesterday morning really jump started my metabolisim…as it should.  I also had a huge yogurt mess I failed to photograph as I was only thinking of devouring it ASAP!  It looked something like this though:

Cereal and raisins with yogurt…my fave!  I could eat it all day long and never tire of it!

I also munched on crackers, and half an orange my boss shared with me.  I wish I had brought more to eat cause really I was hangry!

Dinner was chicken fajita pitas with crinkle cut sweet potato fries! 

Grilled chicken stuffed in a pita pocket with baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms and red pepper, and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese!  It hit the spot.  B and I weren’t sure what to sauce it with so I went with spicy mustard and he went with blue cheese dressing. 

I also ate baby girls half a pita and she did not finish…HUNGRY!


Toasted, peanut buttery, chocolate sprinkled crumpet…

With strawberry frozen yogurt melting on top!!!


The crumpet was a little chewy so it was kinda difficult to cut up, but the chewy-ness almost made it even better I think.

I hope everyone has a fun St. Patty’s Day.  No green beer for me, but for those who do partake, be safe!

Today I had my 1st ever Green Monster!! 

I was NOT disappointed!

After my usual eggs for breakfast this morning I realized about an hour later I was still hungry…like really hungry!

I decided to take the plunge into the infamous Green Monster I keep reading about.  Great for your skin and nails…fills you up, and oh so nutritious!

I mixed 2 cups spinach

1 cup skim cow’s milk

1 banana

1 strawberry ( I was making the kids cereal and cutting them up anyway)



I packed it to go and drank it on my way to workout before work this morning.  I did a 15 minute HIIT on the elliptical and 15 minutes on weights, so this helped put a pep in my step this morning for sure!!

I liked it a lot!  Even Big girl liked it when she tasted it, so that’s saying a lot too!  she kept asking for drinks from the back seat when I was dropping them off. 

Here is a quick recap of lunch and dinner from yesterday.  It includes a veggie burger, veggie salad, and Wacky Pasta!!

Dessert was a yogurt mess with crumbled dark chocolate flax seed cookie, and strawberries…Yum!

Have a great afternoon!

This morning was strange getting a call from B’s Dad saying he was on his way over with donuts to see the girls at 7 am!  Oops, my bad.  I didn’t realize it was 8:00 already.  Oh the joy of a lost hour of sleep, but the sunshine this evening made up for it.

I’m gonna enjoy this summer I think.

I had oatmeal this morning.  I don’t usually eat oatmeal that often for breakfast and I don’t understand why not.  Sunday’s call for a little variety though.

1/3 cup oats

water (eye-balled it)

2 egg whites

1 T Krema Natural Peanut Butter

handful of raisins

This was my first time to incorporate egg whites in with the oatmeal, and I really enjoyed this bowl.  I am defiantly going to try some savory oats soon, maybe with some spinach.

I also had a cup of Tazo Black Tea.

Lunch went un-pictured.  We ate out at a local Mexican food joint.  Just imagine chicken tostadas with 2 HUGE scoops of guacamole!

Grocery shopping ensued, and we replenished our food supply.  Hooray!  Really, I do love going grocery shopping!  Baby girl skinned both her knees…about 3 seperate times today.  Poor thing!  Nothing a few little SpongeBob band-aids couldn’t cure though.

Dinner tonight was an awesome homemade pizza!  I love homemade pizzas!  Not a big fan of the take out/delivered kind, but I’ll eat a wholesome made at home with REAL ingredients pie any day!

I made my portion piled high with sliced Canadian bacon, eggplant, red bell pepper, sliced mushroom, spinach with mozzarella sprinkled over and in between.

I also enjoyed a bowl of baby carrots and snow peas.

Well now I am trying to decide on what sweet treat I will indulge in tonight.  I will be sure to fill you in!

Good night!

I am wiped out today!  I had lots to do, so I am just gonna post some pics and get on to my nice relaxing evening.

Lunch today was an egg wrap again.

1 egg

1/4 cup Egg Beaters

1 egg white

Whisked together and topped with mushrooms and rolled in a tortilla with LC cheese spread.  I also used some mustard for dippage!

Snacks today were of course a yogurt mess:

Yoplait plain Greek


Fiber One Honey Clusters (I LOVE this cereal)

I also roasted a can of chick peas for the first time today.  I loved it.  Big Girl liked the chickpeas raw, BEFORE I cooked them and then she didn’t want anything to do with the crunchy little seasoned chickpeas!

I also munched on a plate of deli sliced turkey and mustard.

Dinner was quick because B is still helping his Mom move and so he was not home.  I made  chicken breast with water chestnuts, and mushrooms all grilled together on the stove top.  I also had a cucumber salad on the side.

So good!  Well peeps, I am off to finish up the night with the kiddos.  I think I heard Candy Land was in my future.

Good Night!

This morning is bright and full of warm sunshine!

I needed something to eat that matched my warm invigorating mood so I had a bowl of yummy oatmeal!

I mixed together 1/3 cup oats, water, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a little almond extract, a handful of Kashi Warm Cinnamon cereal, raisins, and a tsp of Krema Peanut Butter.  I just won this peanut butter in a giveaway…more in a minute!

Well my day ended pretty good last night.  After consuming another un-pictured apple in my car on the way home I went to Big girls fight class at Tae Kwon Do.  Baby girl was ready to go home though so while B stayed behind I took her home.

A package was waiting for me when I go there!  I was one of Healthy, Hott, Housewife’s lucky winners in her Krema Peanut Butter Giveaway and to my surprise my package had arrived!  Yay!  My first giveaway!!

I was super stoked to try a taste but B was coming home with dinner.  He picked up Mooyah Burger on his way home.  He brought me the Veggie Burger ice burger style-sans bun.  He added sautéed mushrooms, pickles, tomatoes, relish, jalapeno, and onions!  It was awesome!  I threw some carrots on the side for a little crunch.

I was again craving a yogurt mess for dessert, so after dinner and when the girls were in bed I mixed a Dannon Plain with raisins, Fiber One Carmel Delight cereal, and a spoon of Krema Crunchy Peanut Butter!

I really liked the peanut butter in that the only ingredient was…peanuts!  That’s it!  Nothing else, it was a little runny due to the lack of oils, and extras that are usually in peanut butter so it was super creamy!  I am impressed!

Then B and fell asleep on the couch watching TV.  Like I said a great end to a good Friday!

I hope all of your Friday’s are going well!  Mine is almost over so it is just fine. 

I worked out for 10 minutes on the elliptical and after a 2 minutes cool down I started on some weight training.  I did 10 reps of 10 2 times on a couple of machines I do not know the name of.  It left me with shaky arms, so hey I guess it worked huh?

Lunch followed with a Morningstar Farms veggie burger.  I used whole wheat sandwich thins and dressed with mustard and the typical veggies…with a bowl full of veggies on the side!

My afternoon snack was a Yoplait plain greek yogurt full of raisins and Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal.


Only a couple more hours to go till the weekend!  B has to help his Mom move tomorrow, but we are getting some of her furniture that she is not taking with her to the new place.  It’s a dresser, night stand, and TV stand for our room and a dresser and 2 night stands for one of the girls.  I have got to tackle getting their rooms cleaned up to make room!  Ugh, toys!!

Off to finish up my day!!

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