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I wake up every morning thinking about food!

It’s why I blog, to get it out in the open.  I love food!  No let me re-phrase that, I love the power of food!  The little pieces of energy you consume that will either give you that extra burst to get you through the day, or make you want to sink into a lazy afternoon slumber.  Food has the power to interfere with your emotions and in many cases food can often control your emotions.  Food provides us with the nourishment and the fuel to live!  That is why I love food.  If (and maybe one day I will) I could do it again, I would so go back to school to become a registered dietitian, or nutritionist, or something in that field.  I have no clinical meaning to anything I say…but it would be nice to change that.

So moving on to breakfast this morning.  I enjoyed  a 1/2 cup of egg beaters and a toasted crumpet spread with apple butter!

It was filling and just what I wanted.

Lunch was once again my lobster ravioli and green beans.  I made a sort of alfredo sauce on the fly by melting Garlic and Herb LC on the ravioli.

My afternoon workout was 20 minutes on the elliptical, and I tried out our weight machines for another 10 minutes.  I am still learning the machines in my fitness center at work, and am still limited on my time since I can’t miss actual eating time during my hour long lunch break.

It’s been nice getting back into a fitness routine since last year.  Last year I did kick boxing for about 6 months until my work schedule conflicted with  the hours of the class.  I tried to keep it up at home by running and stuff but with normal distractions, my workout routine went by the wayside.

I am ready to get my blood moving again!  I would love to be able to do something like a 5K in the near future!  How fun would that be!?  I am trying to talk B into doing something like that with me.  He defiantly would, it’s just …finding the time!  Damn!

We went to Big girl’s open house tonight at school!  She was so proud.  Mommy almost didn’t make it though…I got held up at work and got there in time to see her classroom and tell her teacher hello, then good night!  At least I made it.   Super Dad B took her and Baby girl a little early so they would have time to tour the school and meet her other music and art teachers.

Well all, I am off to watch some TV with the hubby!  Good night!

Good evening to all who read my blog!  I am on my way to veg on the sofa for a night of mindless TV with hubby I think.  I hope I fall asleep on the couch for a little while too.  Does anyone else find that to be some of the most awesome sleep ever?  Couch nap!

It was defiantly a Monday.  Nothing exciting.  It rained.  Bah!  Now, I LOVE the rain, especially crazy thunderstorms, but I am just so ready for Spring I could scream!!  I need the sun.  I am such a positive person that all the negative energy that this gloomy cold winter has drenched people in around me is starting to wear on my core.

If I could choose one pet peeve that I can’t stand the most is pessimism.  Grumpy for no reason, furrowed browed, unapproachable, pessimistic, people.  For God’s sake people…BE HAPPY!

Can you tell I have a case of the Monday’s?

My eats:

Last night I made Tofu for the first time.  Looks good huh?  It didn’t taste bad, just a little bland.  I have to work on my technique.  Suggestions?

A side of sweet potato with cinnamon.

My dessert was a yogurt mess made up of Dannon plain greek yogurt, Kashi Heart to Heart Warm Cinnamon, and a few chocolate chips mixed together.

Oh, and B and I had a lunch date yesterday that led us to Firehouse Subs where I ordered the veggie sub.  It was made with sautéed mushrooms, grilled onion, bell pepper, lettuce and tomato.  It also came with like 3 kinds of VERY greasy cheese that I removed about half of because well, it was pretty oily.

This morning I tried something new.  Crumpets!

I had bought a pack of crumpets at the grocery store this weekend and decided to try them out this morning.  I opened this package of fat-free 60 calorie crumpets and threw one in the toaster while I cooked microwaved a 1/2 cup of egg beaters.

They were really good.  Kinda spongy but a lot like a pancake I think.  I also made them for the girls breakfast and spread jelly on their’s with sliced banana.  It was a hit!

I snacked on a fuji apple today before lunch.

My lunch break today was a little different.  I went to the gym!  The gym at my apartment community I work at.  I spent about 30 minutes there getting familiar with the equipment.  I have worked there 4 years and never used it once!  I still needed time to eat, so half an hour was all I got, but it was good to have a mid afternoon run on the treadmill.  I felt great!

Lunch was tuna salad with carrots, pickle, cucumber, tomato, and Dijon mustard.  I spread it on Wasa light crackers and rolled up in lettuce leafs.  I also ate it straight up with a plastic fork!

It was a hurried picture.  I was hungry.  This afternoon was more yogurt and Heart to Heart, also some baby carrots, and a Z bar on my way home.

Overall I feel really good about working out some today.  Even though my Monday kinda sucked it helped lift my spirits and get those endorphins going.

I hope everyone had a good Monday and like me will have an even better Tuesday!

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