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This morning’s B-Fast was an egg sandwich on toasted light wheat bread, with LC cheese spread on.  A side of cantaloupe made it sweet!

So I’ve been running like crazy lately.  Friday I helped at my daughter’s TaeKwonDo fundraiser garage sale.  I was there all morning into the afternoon, and came home only to crash on the sofa for a mid afternoon nap.  Needless to say I didn’t really snap any pictures of what I ate which was just an Apple Pie LaraBar and a slice of the yummy veggie pizza from Pizza Hut.

Some of the food I ate later in the day though was some carrots and peanut butter.

Then it was off to her fight class that evening.  It’s about an hour long and she practices up on her sparring for the upcoming tournament in April.  After dinner we swung by Rosa’s Tortilla Factory and I ordered a shredded chicken salad.  I forgot to take a pic though.  The long day was getting to me.

Later that night, I did try my hand at some homemade Peanut Butter Cups courtesy Love Veggies and Yoga’s recipe.

I burnt the chocolate a little, but they still came out pretty good.  Who does that!?  I do.  If you read up about me I don’t cook, so don’t be surprised.

Sorry about the blurry picture.

I also had a simple bowl of cantaloupe.

Today we waited around for the satellite guy to show up and fix our dish.  Our week without “real” TV is over.  Back to the plethora of never-ending channels and DVR.  Plus for our inconvenience, we received a free week on our next bill and 3 months of Shotime for free.  How nice.

Lunch today was on our way to the grocery store.  When you ask a 5 nd 2 year old where they want to eat what do you think they will say?  If you guessed CiCi’s Pizza you’re right!  Ok, so for like the 3rd day in a row I’m eating pizza.  But this time they had salad to go along with it so I filled up.

I made a huge salad and enjoyed 2 slices of pizza.  A ham and pineapple, and a veggie.

After going to two different stores to get our groceries ( Kroger didn’t have the plain Greek Dannon, so I also tried Albertson’s).

B had picked up a new item for us!  He found some mini red bananas.  Pretty cool huh?

It was tiny, a little mushier than a yellow banana, but tasted pretty much the same.

We both tried the red banana but what I really wanted was a pear!  I cut one of those bad boys up and munched away!

So that’s my day so far.  I still have a ton of stuff to do around the house before the weekend is over, but I may just take it easy and see what happens to my chores when I blink 3 times and wiggle my nose a little.

I’ll let you know how that works out…K?

Today is BEAUTIFUL!!  The sun is shining, the temps are in the 50-60’s, the sky is blue!  I love it.  I wish I didn’t have to work, the is gorgeous weather.

So at the store yesterday I picked up a few new items.  I only took my oldest because we are having satellite troubles and B had to stay home for somebody to come by and take a look at it.  sadly though it looks like we’ll have no TV for a week.  I am silently rejoicing…Whoo-Hoo!…but I think my family will slowly implode over the lack of HD branial stimulation.  There have been plenty of discussions already as to what DVD will be played and when.  We only have one DVD player in the house so Daddy and 2 small children will have to learn to share.

Now on to the grocery haul.  We went to plain ‘ol Kroger.  They do have a pretty good organic/natural section though.  Here is what I got among other necessary items:

I love that I found the La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Tortillas.  I have been searching for them everywhere, and I finally found them!  Only 80 calories and 12 g fiber for this huge sucker!  I was also excited to try the Dannon Greek yogurt.  I actually thought I was buying all Dannon, but when I got home I realized I had purchased both the Dannon Greek and the Yoplait Greek.  That’s what happens when your 5 year old comes down with the case of the gimmies when the store decides to put baked goods right next to the milk/dairy section.  Both yogurts are about the same but the Yoplait has fruit and is slightly higher in sugar than the Dannon.  Oh well, they are a good deal at only $1.19 per container so I am more than willing to try both.

We got home super late for our household anyway.  Way past our normal dinner time and we were starved!  While B made dinner I munched on some Wasa crackers and Triple Pepper humus.  I could have eaten this all night, but I would have ruined my appetite!

Dinner was the jambalaya dish he made last weekend.  It contained Healthy Ones Smoked Turkey Sausage, kidney beans, brown rice, and a little bit of shrimp for me.  Excellent flavor and of course Franks Red Hot didn’t hurt.

By the time we finished eating, it was a little after 9, so I wasn’t super hungry for anything sweet.  I did want to try some of the Dannon plain Greek that I had just bought so I crumbled up a Voortman Dark Chocolate Omega 3 Flax Seed cookie, a little bit of Better N Peanut Butter, and a couple of raisins were thrown in too. 

OMG what a yummy yogurt mess!  It wasn’t too terribly filling, just the right amount of sweetness so it was the perfect ending to a busy day!

Today’s breakfast was of course the weekly Sunday donut fix from Peepaw.  The girls were beside themselves anticipating their sugar rush.  I ate another egg and sausage biscuit.  I can’t deny that they are good though!

Lunch for me was early as I had to get to work, so I fashioned a turkey wrap with one of the La Tortilla tortillas, spread some Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow cheese on, and added some deli sliced turkey breast.  I included my veggies.  a side of baby carrots and cucumber with a dab of triple pepper humus.  My pretty peaches were reflective of how I felt about the weather…Sunshine-y!

I had a helper though.  Baby girl was grabbing at the carrots, cucumbers – calling them pickles- and of course we ate the peaches together.  Who could deny this face!

That’s all for now folks!  Off to work the day away.

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