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Quick post!

I didn’t really take pictures of anything I ate yesterday.  Don’t worry you didn;t miss anything but eggs, and pasta.

I am getting my hair cut this afternoon!  Finally!  I am in need of a trim badly!  But before I thought I’d share this mornings good eats.

Breakfast was a hard boiled egg, fresh pineapple, and a slice of toast with sugar free raspberry preserves!

I was hungry again in just a couple of hours though.  No, let me re-phrase that…starving!  I got to work, and worked out for a short 20 minutes and couldn’t wait to dig into my cottage cheese and kiwi I had brought with me. 

My stomach is still screaming for more food!  So I will gladly listen and am about to grub on a huge salad I made.  Then I’m off!

Happy Monday…I guess.

That’s how I feel about today.  Hello…Goodbye!  Where has the day gone?

This post is gonna be short so I can get on with some other things needing my attention this evening.  Dishes, ironing, lunch making for tomorrow.  I try to always make my lunch for the next day the night before.  I never really know what I want, so trying to make that decision at 6 o’clock in the morning makes it just that much harder.  Why struggle?


Same as yesterday!  Told you!

1/2 cup egg beaters

1/2 cup Fiber One

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

B doesn’t like egg beaters.  Calls  ’em fake eggs and stuff.  He says they smell funny!!  What!  I don’t see it.

Well that means then I’m the only one who eats them so when it says “Use within 7 days of opening”  I have to do just that.  If I get into an oatmeal kick, I’ll forget about the eggs and I HATE to waste food.

Mid morning snack-age was once again a pear.  Ta-Da!

Served on the fancy linens.

Lunch today was a sliced smoked turkey wrap.  I used Oscar Meyer shaved smoked turkey.  45 calories per 6 slices.  I spread some LC cheese Garlic and Herb on the La Tortilla tortilla and laid down some lettuce leafs and rolled it up!  I added a healthy side of fresh broccoli, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, and black olives.  Mustard was used for dippage off camera.

A couple of hours after lunch I snacked on diced mango, and kiwi.  Tropical and tasty!  Believe it or not, this was the first time I’ve ever had fresh mango.  I really love all fruit,  so this was no exception!

Dinner was, well bad.  Really good in a bad, bad way.

Karate night + whiney baby not being happy at home + late night and a hungry Daddy equals =


I wont even picture it!  It was too grotesque! 😉

I will tell you though I had two slices and it was prepared in a hot oven by:

Yeah, uh-huh! Pizza-pizza baby!

My only redemption is I shred it up with Jillian’s 30 Day Shred though when I got home tonight.  I liked how she alternated the strength, cardio, and abs.  I don’t need to lose weight as much as I need to tone, and maintain so this is exactly what I’m looking for!  I’m excited to get into a routine with this.  It will just mean some early morning butt kicking on my part.

Until tomorrow!  Good night!

For lunch today my boss and I found ourselves at Chili’s.  I had brought my left over dinner from last night, my MIA carrot from yesterday, and an apple…but oh well I guess.  I WILL eat my poor carrot tonight though after all this fuss about a carrot! 

Chili’s changed their menu by the way.  I ordered the chicken and green chile soup with a house salad.  I loved this soup!  It had avocado, rice, chicken, and a nice green chile flavor.  I did add some Tabasco though to turn up the heat a little.

Salad was satisfying.  Always like a good salad…sans croutons though.

My mid afternoon snack was my normal cup of yogurt with a sliced kiwi.  Nothing too exciting but very good.

I have a long week in store since I have not only worked all of this week, I will also work through the weekend and into next week until Thursday when I leave early to start my weekend then.  I’ll be able to enjoy a 3 1/2 day weekend at least.  I have to work the first weekend of every month here so that means I work it straight through. 

I need meal ideas for my long stretch, so any suggestions would be great!

 Happy Thursday!

Even though this day is almost over for me, it feels like it hasn’t even begun.  There has been so much to do at work, and it’s been one of those stressful days.  Ahh!  I hate days like those.  You just go all day with this nervous energy, and can do nothing but  be a marshmallow once you get home.

*Sigh, tomorrow is a new day.

This morning began like most others, eggs and a toasted light english muffin with LC cheese spread on the muffin and cooked in the eggs.

My morning snack was half an apple and half a kiwi.  Even though I wasn’t exactly starving I knew 5 hours after breakfast I should eat something.

I’m glad I did cause I do love kiwi’s!!

I was excited about lunch today.  I had made a tuna salad last night with chopped carrots, cucumber, pickle, tomato, and some Dijon mustard.  Super tangy!  I rolled some up into lettuce wraps, and then I ate the rest with a fork!  I also dipped my baked pita chips in it.  I finished it off with the other half of my apple.

I was loving my lunch today!

I wish I could say that about the rest of my day.  Nervous energy stuck around and I munched on half a Z bar before realizing that I really wanted my yogurt with the other half of my kiwi mixed in.

Nervous energy made me not be able to think straight…hmmm.  It’s Ok I probably would have eaten both anyway.

Hopefully my evening will be less energetic and I will be able to relax.  Does the Biggest Loser come back on tonight??

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