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I had a great Saturday peoples!  I awoke to the sounds of Baby girl jumping into bed at 7 am saying “Hi Mommy!”  How could I ignore a the salutations of a happy, little curly headed child?  Well I did try.  I just couldn’t convince her to lay down with me long enough to go back to sleep.  Plus once I am up, I am up.  So I started my Saturday early making coffee, and making the girls raisin pancakes!  It made their morning…no photos though, I did not have any.

I wanted to eat the lonely oatmeal packet I took back with me from our Oklahoma trip last weekend.  That’s right, I smuggled oatmeal from the hotel.  I had taken it from the continental breakfast bar the hotel offered thinking I was going to eat it one night as a dessert with some peach yogurt, but it never happened.

I destroyed consumed the evidence though without too much guilt.

1 packet Quaker Regular Oatmeal

1 TBSP milled flaxseed

a sprinkle of raisins

cinnamon, and more cinnamon

tip of my spoon of Almond Butter

I started some laundry, showered, did the dishes, swept and mopped the floor which included pulling out the fridge!  Oooh!  Treasures!  With kids, crayons are like weeds and they spring up in any and every place imaginable!

We also headed to the grocery store.  Our goal this week it to make meals that we can have plenty of leftovers with.  We are trying to stretch the almighty dollar as far as it will go.  Damn!  I might need to suggest a rubber currency so that could be a little bit easier!  We picked up stuff for chicken tacos, baked apricot chicken, pasta meals with turkey Italian sausage, and homemade pizzas with La Tortilla Wraps.

When we got home I was starved for lunch.  I quickly made a turkey melt with a La Tortilla high fiber tortilla.  I threw in some mesquite smoked turkey and a slice of reduced fat colby and heated it up on the stove until the cheese had melted.  Of course I added in salsa and some Mediterranean Lentil Chips on the side.  Have anyone ever had these lentil chips before?  I picked them up at Marshall’s one day and have never looked back!  30 chips are 110 calories and only 3 grams of fat they are made from, you guessed it!  Lentils!  Great source of fiber and protein!  They are also gluten free.


My snack this afternoon was a 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese and sliced strawberries.

Big girl and I went for a walk before dinner this evening.  It has been raining all day but there was a break in all the rain so we took off.  Wouldn’t you know it though as soon as we left our street it started to rain again!  She didn’t care so neither did I it was fun!  She got to splash in all the puddles and we ran some of the way home too, so it was a quick but enjoyable walk for the two of us.

Dinner was being prepared when we got home and B was making pizzas!  He had cut up broccoli and bell pepper for my pie.  Also adding in some lean sliced ham strips for protein.  Using tortillas as our pie crusts, they were excellent!  The best part it we will have enough to make this again in the next few days, so not really left overs, but repeat worthy on the same dime is a win in my book!

Baby girl took one look at my pizza and snatched a piece of broccoli at the same time I snapped my picture.

Broccoli thief!

Now she likes a lot of veggies which I love, however, if I tried to feed them to her she would probably refuse so I am content with sharing as long as she eats them!

It’s getting late and I am going to enjoy whats left of my day, so good night blog land!

This morning was strange getting a call from B’s Dad saying he was on his way over with donuts to see the girls at 7 am!  Oops, my bad.  I didn’t realize it was 8:00 already.  Oh the joy of a lost hour of sleep, but the sunshine this evening made up for it.

I’m gonna enjoy this summer I think.

I had oatmeal this morning.  I don’t usually eat oatmeal that often for breakfast and I don’t understand why not.  Sunday’s call for a little variety though.

1/3 cup oats

water (eye-balled it)

2 egg whites

1 T Krema Natural Peanut Butter

handful of raisins

This was my first time to incorporate egg whites in with the oatmeal, and I really enjoyed this bowl.  I am defiantly going to try some savory oats soon, maybe with some spinach.

I also had a cup of Tazo Black Tea.

Lunch went un-pictured.  We ate out at a local Mexican food joint.  Just imagine chicken tostadas with 2 HUGE scoops of guacamole!

Grocery shopping ensued, and we replenished our food supply.  Hooray!  Really, I do love going grocery shopping!  Baby girl skinned both her knees…about 3 seperate times today.  Poor thing!  Nothing a few little SpongeBob band-aids couldn’t cure though.

Dinner tonight was an awesome homemade pizza!  I love homemade pizzas!  Not a big fan of the take out/delivered kind, but I’ll eat a wholesome made at home with REAL ingredients pie any day!

I made my portion piled high with sliced Canadian bacon, eggplant, red bell pepper, sliced mushroom, spinach with mozzarella sprinkled over and in between.

I also enjoyed a bowl of baby carrots and snow peas.

Well now I am trying to decide on what sweet treat I will indulge in tonight.  I will be sure to fill you in!

Good night!

This morning is bright and full of warm sunshine!

I needed something to eat that matched my warm invigorating mood so I had a bowl of yummy oatmeal!

I mixed together 1/3 cup oats, water, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a little almond extract, a handful of Kashi Warm Cinnamon cereal, raisins, and a tsp of Krema Peanut Butter.  I just won this peanut butter in a giveaway…more in a minute!

Well my day ended pretty good last night.  After consuming another un-pictured apple in my car on the way home I went to Big girls fight class at Tae Kwon Do.  Baby girl was ready to go home though so while B stayed behind I took her home.

A package was waiting for me when I go there!  I was one of Healthy, Hott, Housewife’s lucky winners in her Krema Peanut Butter Giveaway and to my surprise my package had arrived!  Yay!  My first giveaway!!

I was super stoked to try a taste but B was coming home with dinner.  He picked up Mooyah Burger on his way home.  He brought me the Veggie Burger ice burger style-sans bun.  He added sautéed mushrooms, pickles, tomatoes, relish, jalapeno, and onions!  It was awesome!  I threw some carrots on the side for a little crunch.

I was again craving a yogurt mess for dessert, so after dinner and when the girls were in bed I mixed a Dannon Plain with raisins, Fiber One Carmel Delight cereal, and a spoon of Krema Crunchy Peanut Butter!

I really liked the peanut butter in that the only ingredient was…peanuts!  That’s it!  Nothing else, it was a little runny due to the lack of oils, and extras that are usually in peanut butter so it was super creamy!  I am impressed!

Then B and fell asleep on the couch watching TV.  Like I said a great end to a good Friday!

So last night did get more relaxing.  Hubby made “Wacky Pasta” for dinner.  It’s actually not wacky anymore, we used to use the tri-colored wheel-shaped noodles so the girls would eat it.  It was just a way to make dinner fun, but that did not fool them.  They will eat it though if we put pizza sauce in it and mix it up.  Even more wacky IMO.

So anyway, wacky pasta is simply noodles, we used whole wheat rotini noodles and lean turkey Italian sausage.  We mix it in balsamic vinaigrette, and I cut up veggies to add to mine.  One of our favorite go-to meals!

Dessert was a lemon Girl Scout cookie (I know it has an official name, but I don’t remember) crumbled over my vanilla fro-yo.  It was refreshing!

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of microwaved oats, a few frozen blueberries, and a 1/4 cup of Fiber One.  I liked it, and it turned my oatmeal purple so of course it looked interesting and that’s always good.

I worked the morning away as always and was staring out the window to a perfectly gorgeous day!  It was cold…but beautiful and SUN SHINEY!!  Ahh, I’ve missed the sun.  I cannot wait until Spring!  Stupid Groundhog.

I ate half my Chocolate Raspberry Luna bar, and let me tell you.  I normally don’t eat a lot of bars as meals/snacks because I don’t feel like I ate anything substantial and I end up eating more anyway like the bar never crossed my lips, but this Luna bar was pretty filling.  The protein count didn’t hurt I’m sure and I may buy more.  The flavor was good, and the texture was soft but not too air-y.  It had substance.  It hit the spot.

Lunch was leftover Orzo Bean Salad from Monday.  I HATE to waste food, so I saw it sitting in the fridge practically yelling…”EAT ME!!”  I was easily convinced and packed it along with a veggie patty and sliced red bell pepper.

Now that was the highlight of today’s lunch, the veggie patty and bell pepper.  Great combo and crunchy.  I was saddened however that I left my carrot at home in it baggie in the fridge by its lonesome.  My kids were distracting me while I packed my lunch this morning and I left the poor guy out.  I was a little upset by this when I realized my misfortune.


B, my hubby, found this little gem last weekend while shopping at Target last weekend!  I think I’ll keep him around because not only did he find this still very within it’s best by date, very delish, very cheap $0.97 cup o’ peach flavored Chobani!

It is by far the best flavor I have so far!  I wanted to lick the inside of the cup but being in the professional world at the time I refrained.  It probably would have been frowned upon…or deeply pondered.

I met the fam at my daughter’s Tae-Kwon-Do lesson after work tonight and guess what sweet B had waiting for me?

A non-fat, no whip white mocha!  My favorite!

I love him!

I took the kids home, while B went to pick up dinner tonight.  We decided on Chipotle and I had him get me the vegetarian burrito bol.  The coffee sort of filled me up, and I didn’t want anything too heavy loaded with lots of chicken.

That was a good plan, in theory.  This sucker probably weighed 10 pounds!  Black beans, tomato salsa, corn salsa, fajita veggies, romaine lettuce, and guacamole.  So good, but OMG there was enough to feed 3 people!

Fair warning: You might see this for my lunch on Thursday.

Makes you want one for yourself now huh?  I never think about Chipotle when eating out, and we don’t go that often.  We cook most of our meals at home, so this was a treat!

Overall, good day.  Better than yesterday.  Good hubby.  Good dinner.  Carrot MIA, but a good lunch.

Now my sweet tooth is calling.   I must answer!  Even though that veggie bol was too much to handle, I cannot deny my sweet tooth.

Good night all!

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