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Sorry about being MIA for the past few days, but honestly I haven’t felt “into it” lately.  I haven’t really been feeling the need to rush off and blog about what I’ve eaten recently.  I haven’t photographed all my food either.  It’s been pretty repetitive anyway.  If it’s not broke… 

I can assure you my breakfasts have looked like this all week:

Fiber One with Almond Milk, and either strawberries or blueberries.  I am usually not a fan of this much milk in my cereal.  This morning though I measured my milk to show myself the serving size 1/2 cup.  Suggested serving is 1 cup and even the 1/2 cup was WAY too much for me to handle on a normal day.  Just sayin.

I did get a couple of slices of this at Big girl’s Tae Kwon Do bake sale.

Homemade Pumpkin bread!  OMG! 

Had I been blogging daily you would have seen it in these little mixes everyday!

So yum!

Lunches have been pretty salad-y with a couple of days looking just like this:

Spinach, mushrooms, carrots, cucumber, grape tomatoes, diced pear, and cottage cheese.

I also slipped in a meaty wrap a couple of days ago.

Turkey and pastrami on a La Tortilla Whole Wheat.  Did I mention mustard??

I have snacked on a little of this and a little of that.

Last nights dinner was  baked salmon and couscous.

Wow!  That’s one BAD picture!!  But the grub was right on!

Tonight though we let the girls decide on what they wanted to eat.  B said they picked but I have a feeling he helped “suggest” what dinner should be.

Little Ceasars $5.00 Hot and Ready!  Uh-huh!  Yeah…it was good though.

Check out how freakin CUTE these little Easter candies are!!

They were delivered to us a work by one of our residents and they are Easter egg chocolates!  So cute and full of chocolate!  I ended up having a pretty indulgent day. 

I wasn’t going to post anything tonight, but I am glad I did.  It feels good to get caught up.  Oh!  And check out the new little Foodie Blogroll widget on the side!  I am moving on up!  Now if I could get more than 3 people to read my blog it may give me a little more inspiration to converse with an actual audience.  Ever get the feeling you are talking to yourself?  Sometimes I do.

Now I really must go figure out what I did to my camera camera phone and fix my horrible pictures!!


Pumpkin Bread

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