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Good evening happy people!  Assuming you’re happy that is.  We just put the kids to bed and The Biggest Loser is on in the background.  Do you hear that??  Neither do I.  Ahh, silence.

I am sure most everyone goes through a period of feeling stuck in a rut routine that gets really frustrating sometimes.  Not a rut in family life.  I don’t mean anything negative really by saying that-it’s just a lack of time to collect my thoughts and feel…sane, and at ease with my home and self.  My struggle is the lack of time to get everything I feel like I want to, or feel like I NEED to get done, done.  It is extremely frustrating to leave the house at 7:30 in the morning not to return until nearly 7:00 pm.  During that 12 hour stretch I was able to see my family for approximately 1 hour in the AM before school/work.  I was able to work out for exactly 15 minutes (WTH!) because after driving an hour to work, that’s all the time I had left.  I leave work at 6pm only if I am actually able to get out the door on time, and drive 45 minutes to get home.  We eat dinner, and get the kids bathed and in bed.  Now it’s about 8 pm, and I am exhausted! 

I know I will look back on these times and wish I could have them back, with my babies being babies and all…but dang!  For anyone out there who juggles a family, and career, and the evil bills that make it necessary to have the toilets flush and DVD player turn on, then I feel you.  It brings you the most joy you’ll ever be capable of feeling, as well as the highest stress levels one is capable of having.

I am reminded of a simple saying my Dad has used from time to time:  “This too shall pass.”  All too quickly I’m sure.

On to my FOOD!!

Let me recap Monday and Tuesday for ya!



1/4 cup egg beaters, and 2 egg whites mixed with spinach.  Also a bowl of Fiber One cereal.


Today was just a simple bowl of Fiber One and strawberries.



1/4 up low-fat cottage cheese and half a pear.


A banana.  🙂 Sorry no picture.  I ate it too fast.



Monday’s lunch was a big ‘ol salad.  In the bowl was spinach, sliced mushrooms, banana peppers, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, a can of Swanson chicken Breast, snow peas, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese.

I licked the bowl.  It was good, real good.


Veggie snacks, Morningstar Farms Veggie Patty, mustard, an apple.



Yogurt Mess with the other half of my pear from the morning, and some raisins.

Half a Banana Bread Larabar that I got for a steal at Marshall’s.  I LOVE to hunt their food goodies for stuff like this there!


Yogurt mess with a kiwi, and raisins.  Redundant much?  I think so, but it’s OK.



Tacos!  La Tortilla tortillas, Jenny-O taco seasoned turkey meat, veggies, and fat-free refried beans.  Yum! 


Tonight hubby was feeling creative.  He wanted to make a turkey smoked sausage dish but instead of the normal pan fried method he uses, he baked it in the oven with stewed tomatoes, sliced mushrooms, black beans, baby carrots, black olives, and red bell pepper.  He also went as far as to make a “topping” out of crushed Fiber One cereal to go over the mixture.

He likes to plate…very sweet!

It was delicious!!  The kids liked it too, so it was a hit across the board! 

I have the best husband ever!  Which gives me even more reason to want to get home as quickly as possible after my glorious days spent punching the clock.

I am off now to watch the rest of The Biggest Loser and make something yummy to nosh on. 


Good morning peoples!

I’m just going to dive right in. 

Dinner last night was tacos.  This one is on our regular rotation of meals in our house.  Ground turkey, taco seasoning, and fat-free refried beans make this meal easy.  I add veggies to mine.  See the pretty arrangement?  These diced tomatoes, bell peppers, and lettuce are all mine! 

Whatever did not get shoved into a whole grain corn shell, will be dumped on my plate afterwards and mixed with the taco droppings and remaining beans for a smashing good taco salad.

On to dessert. 

I will without fail eat SOMETHING sweet and delicious every single night!  I must have it!  Last nights fare was a bowl of cinnamon baked apples. 

Diced apples, sprinkled in cinnamon cooked in the mikey for 2 minutes.  OMG!!  I now need to buy more apples.  I love this stuff, and good for you. 

Bad lighting paired with a poor camera phone just doesn’t do them justice.  But I am no food photographer so I’m OK with that.  I also ate an unpictured Kashi Dark Chocolate Chip cookie.  Hehe  🙂

This morning for breakfast – get ready for more photo-riffic gems-I had oatmeal with a scoop of strawberry yogurt and 1/4 cup Fiber One cereal.

There was some cinnamon sprinkled in there too.  Is there anything cinnamon is NOT good on?  I might have to think about that.

4 hours later, I was starting to get hungry again, and dang!  It’s only 9 am!  I am thankful for the box of Fiber One Caramel Delight Cereal I bought last night.  I had packed a cup of the stuff today and it was pretty darn good.  I ate some this morning as my snack, and will probably eat the rest this afternoon with my yogurt mixed in.

So today is Friday folks for most of you.  It’s like Monday for me, oh wait it’s still Friday for me, but I don’t have a day off until next Thursday – so that should make it Monday or is it Tuesday…you get the idea.  It’s my long stretch.  Only once a month but it happens. 

I’m lucky and thankful to have a supporting hubby and loving family who understands that working Momma’s have to do what working Momma’s have to do sometimes.

So it’s off to do just that.  Work.  Later! 

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